Get Folder

Wrike is an online project management and work collaboration tool. Using this activity, you can get all the details and information related to the specified folder(s). To achieve this, add this activity to your flow canvas, and configure it. Select the required Access Token for Wrike.

In the ‘Folder ID’ field, specify the ID of the folder that you wish to get details of. You can enter multiple Ids (separated by comma) in the field, with a maximum limit of 100. If you wish to get certain options fields in the response, you can do so by mentioning the field names in the ‘Fields’ section. 


Once you are done with entering these details, click on ‘Done’ and run the flow. This will return the details of the specified folders in your Wrike account.

  • output-arrow wrike-128 Get Folder
    • left-triangle kind string
    • left-triangle data array
      • left-triangle id string
      • left-triangle title string
      • left-triangle createdDate string
      • left-triangle description string
      • left-triangle sharedIds array
      • left-triangle parentIds array
      • left-triangle scope string
      • left-triangle hasAttachments boolean
      • left-triangle permalink string
      • left-triangle workflowId string
      • left-triangle childIds array
      • left-triangle metadata array
      • left-triangle customFields array