Create New Post

Wordpress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Using this activity, you can create a new post in your Wordpress site. To achieve this, add this activity to your canvas, and configure it. Select the appropriate access token for Wordpress. If you haven’t created an access token, select ‘Add New’ to create one.

In the ‘Site’ field, specify the ID of your Wordpress site. Provide the title of the post in the ‘Title’ field. Then, enter the body of the post in the ‘Content’ field. The body should be in HTML format. If you set ‘Sticky’ as true, the post will stick on the front page of your site. Then, select the status of the post from the given options (Publish, Private, Draft, Pending, Auto-draft). To put this post under a specific category, enter the name or ID of the category in the ‘Categories’ field. You can enter multiple categories by using comma between names of categories. Similarly, you can enter tags for this post. 

Once you have entered these details, click on ‘Done’ and run the flow. This will create a new post in your Wordpress site. 


  • output-arrow wordpress-128 Create New Post
    • left-triangle ID number
    • left-triangle site_ID number
    • left-triangle date string
    • left-triangle modified string
    • left-triangle title string
    • left-triangle content string
    • left-triangle URL string
    • left-triangle slug string
    • left-triangle status string
    • left-triangle sticky string
    • left-triangle comment_count number
    • left-triangle like_count number
    • left-triangle author object
      • left-triangle ID number
      • left-triangle login string
      • left-triangle email string
      • left-triangle name string
    • left-triangle tags object
    • left-triangle categories object