Send an SMS

Twilio is a cloud communications services provider that enables you to build cloud communications applications using voice and SMS. Using this action, you can send an SMS to any phone number across the globe. To do this, add this activity in your canvas and configure the action. Select the required connection for Twilio. If you haven’t added any connection, create one.

Then enter the message that you wish to send to the recipient. This message should be limited to 160 characters. In the ‘To number’ field, enter the phone number of the person you wish to send an SMS. Note that this number should also include the country code. Also, if the specified phone number is registered with Do Not Disturb (DND), the message will not be delivered. In ‘From number’, enter your registered Twilio number. 


  • output-arrow twillo-128 Send an SMS
    • left-triangle sid string
    • left-triangle date_created string
    • left-triangle to string
    • left-triangle from string
    • left-triangle num_segments string
    • left-triangle status string
    • left-triangle direction string
    • left-triangle uri string
    • left-triangle price string
    • left-triangle price_unit string