Get Entries

Tick offers cross-platform time tracking apps for easy task and project management. This activity helps you retrieve the list of entries created/updated within a particular date range. To achieve this, add this activity to your canvas, and configure it. Select the appropriate connection for Tick. If you haven’t created any connections, select ‘Add new’ to create one. 

Provide the date range (‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’) for the entries. When you run the flow, it will return the list of all the entries that were created/updated within the specified date range. 


  • output-arrow tick-128 Get Entries
    • left-triangle entries array
      • left-triangle id integer
      • left-triangle date string
      • left-triangle hours integer
      • left-triangle notes string
      • left-triangle task_id integer
      • left-triangle user_id integer
      • left-triangle url string
      • left-triangle created_at string
      • left-triangle updated_at string