Create Customer

Stripe offers services that allow individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. This activity allows you create a new customer object in your Stripe account. To achieve this, first add this activity to your canvas, and configure it. Select the appropriate connection for Stripe. If you haven’t created a connection, select ‘Add new’ to create one. 

Enter the details of the customer, such as email address and description. Once you have entered these details, click on ‘Done’ and run the flow. This will create a new customer in your Stripe account. 


  • output-arrow stripe-new-128 Create Customer
    • left-triangle object string
    • left-triangle created integer
    • left-triangle id string
    • left-triangle livemode boolean
    • left-triangle description any
    • left-triangle email any
    • left-triangle shipping any
    • left-triangle delinquent boolean
    • left-triangle metadata object
    • left-triangle subscriptions object
    • left-triangle discount any
    • left-triangle account_balance integer
    • left-triangle currency any
    • left-triangle sources object
    • left-triangle default_source any