SpreadSheet to Formulae

This activity retrieves all the formulae from a spreadsheet. To achieve this, add this activity to your canvas and configure it. Before using this activity, it is important to first use the ‘Spreadsheet Reader’ activity that helps you read (or copy) a particular file. The ‘Spreadsheet Reader’ activity returns a workbook object as output. You need to enter this object in the ‘Workbook Object’ field given in the ‘Spreadsheet to Formulae’ activity. Once you are done with this, click on ‘Done’ and run the flow. This will return all the formulae in JSON format. 


  • output-arrow developer-tools-128 SpreadSheet to Formulae
    • left-triangle workbook object
    • left-triangle sheet array
      • left-triangle sheet_name string
      • left-triangle formulae_list array