Create Recipient List

Create a new recipient list

Create Sub Account

Create a subaccount

Create Template

Create a new template

Create Transmissions

Create a new transmission to send a specified message template

Create Transmissions with Recipient List

Create a new transmission to send a specific message template to a specified recipient list

Delete Recipient List

Delete an existing recipient list

Delete Template

Delete an existing template

Delete Transmission

Delete transmissions that are scheduled to be generated in future

Get Sub Accounts

Retrieve the details of all sub accounts

Get Templates

Retrieve all the templates

Get Transmissions

Retrieve the details of some or all transmissions

Get all Recipient List

Retrieve all recipient lists

Recipient List Details

Retrieve the details of a specific recipient list

Update Sub Account

Update an existing subaccount



Message Delivery

Triggers when a message is delivered to any recipient

Message Injection

Triggers when a message delivery fails

Recipient Click

Triggers when a recipient clicks on any link available in the message

Recipient Open

Triggers when a recipient opens the received message