Get Senders

SoftVu provides marketing automation solutions that help businesses streamline their marketing communication processes. This activity retrieves the list of all senders associated with your SoftVu account. To achieve this, add this activity to your canvas, and configure it. Select the appropriate connection for SoftVu. If you haven’t created a connection, select ‘Add new’ to create one. Once you do this, click ‘Done’ and run the flow to get all senders.


  • output-arrow softvu-128 Get Senders
    • left-triangle result array
      • left-triangle id string
      • left-triangle phones object
      • left-triangle group string
      • left-triangle email string
      • left-triangle firstname string
      • left-triangle lastname string
      • left-triangle active boolean
      • left-triangle updated string
      • left-triangle default sender? boolean