Common Questions

Smartsheet is an online project and task management app with advanced collaboration features. It lets you create and manage sheets, reports and workspaces for your organization. 



  • Column Cell Updated

    Triggers when a cell of specified column is updated

  • Row Updated

    Triggers when an existing row is updated in the specified sheet

  • Row and/or Column Created

    Triggers when a new row/column is created in the specified sheet

  • Row, Column, Comment and/or Attachment Deleted

    Triggers when a row, column, comment. and/or attachment is deleted from the specified sheet

  • Comment Added

    Triggers when a new comment is added to the specified sheet

  • New Attachment

    Triggers when a new attachment is added to the specified sheet



  • Add Columns

    Add new columns in the specified sheet

  • Add Rows

    Add new rows in the specified sheet

  • Attach File to Row

    Add the specified file to the specified row

  • Copy Workspace

    Create a copy of the specified workspace

  • Create Sheet

    Create a new sheet at the specified location

  • Create Workspace

    Create a new workspace

  • Delete Row

    Delete the specified row

  • Delete Sheet

    Delete the specified sheet

  • Get Report Publish Status

    Retrieve the publish status of the specified report

  • Get Row

    Retrieve the specified row from the specified sheet

  • Get Sheet Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified sheet

  • List Groups

    Retrieve some or all groups

  • List Reports

    Retrieve some or all reports

  • List Sheets

    Retrieve some or all sheets

  • List Workspaces

    Retrieve some or all workspaces

  • Send Sheet via Email

    Send the specified sheet to the specified recipient via email

  • Set Report Publish Status

    Set a publish status for the specified report

  • Share Sheet

    Share the specified sheet with the specified recipients via email

  • Update Rows

    Update the values for the specified rows

Common Questions

To use Smartsheet in your flow, you will first need to connect Smartsheet to Flow. 

To do this, drag any Smartsheet action listed under Smartsheet service on the canvas. In case of configuring Smartsheet triggers, click on the Settings icon on your canvas and select Smartsheet service. Then. click on Add New option listed under Authorize Smartsheet field in the configuration window. You will be prompted to allow Flow certain permissions. Click Allow to continue. 


Next, you will be prompted to authorize Flow to access your Smartsheet account resources. 


Click Allow. You will be redirected to canvas. 


Rename the authorization as per your choice and click ADD. You can now see the added authorization under Authorize Smartsheet field. Once added, this authorization will be available in all Smartsheet actions and triggers.

The Column Cell Updated trigger works when a new column value, which you have specified in the New Value field, is added in any cell of the specified column. 

Consider you have selected New Sheet123 in the Sheet ID field for which you want to set this trigger. Also, you have selected Column 1 in the Column Name field and entered John Doe as a new column value in the New Value field. 


Now whenever any user enters the value John Doe in any cell of Column 1, you will receive the notification. 


If you have specified values for all the fields and kept the New Value field empty, it means that you have not specified any column value for which the trigger should notify you. In such case, any value a user enters in any cell of the specified column of the sheet brings you a notification.

Note: The column value can be a text or an integer. The Column Cell Updated trigger does not run when a value is added in the empty cell of the column.

There are 5 values that you can specify in the New Value field and set the trigger accordingly. These values have a specified format that you need to define in the workflow as well as in Smartsheet UI so your trigger can notify you when it encounters such input data. When you create a new sheet in your Smartsheet account, each column of the sheet has these column properties or values on which you can set the triggers. For example, create a new sheet in your account and double-click on any column heading. You will see a dialogue box.


In the Column Type field, you can see the types whose values you need to define in the New Value field of your trigger. 

First, specify the sheet name and column name in the trigger. Then specify the values of these column type in the New Value field according to the format as shown below:

1) Text/Number: This can be a task name, project name etc. Enter a text or number as a value for this type. E.g., Demo or ‘2’.

2) Contact List: This can be an assignee, contact person etc. Enter the name or email ID of the person in text format. 

3) Date: Enter the date in the format yyyy/mm/dd

4) Dropdown List: Enter the values in text format. In the UI, the values will appear in a dropdown list.

5) Checkbox: It provides a checkbox for the column. Specify Checked or Unchecked in the New Value field of the trigger. The trigger will the run accordingly.

Note: Same text or number should be defined as an input in the trigger field and in the UI.