Common Questions

ShowGizmo is an event management application that not just lets you create and manage events, but also lets you collaborate with speakers and attendees effectively. 



  • Create Session

    Create a new session

  • Create User

    Create a new user

  • Destroy Registration

    Delete the specified registration 

  • Destroy Session

    Destroy the specified session

  • Get Registrations

    Retrieve some or all registrations

  • Get Session

    Retrieve the specified registration

  • Get Sessions

    Retrieve some or all sessions 

  • Get Users

    Retrieve some or all users

  • Update Session

    Update the specified session

Common Questions

To use ShowGizmo in your flow, you will first need to connect ShowGizmo to Flow Enterprise. 

To do this, drag any ShowGizmo action listed under ShowGizmo service on the canvas and click on ‘Add New’ option listed under ‘Authorize ShowGizmo’ field in the configuration window. You will be prompted to authorize Flow to access your ShowGizmo account.


Click on ‘Allow’. After this, you will be prompted to login to your ShowGizmo account. Once are logged in, you will be taken back to canvas. 


Rename the authorization as per your choice and click on ‘Add’ link. You can now see the added authorization under ‘Authorize ShowGizmo’ field. Once added, this authorization will be available in all ShowGizmo actions.