SharePoint Online

Common Questions

SharePoint Online is a web-based collaboration tool that let you create, upload, update, and delete files and folders. You can also share them with your colleagues to keep everyone on the same page. 



  • New File

    Triggers when a new file is created or uploaded

  • File Updated

    Triggers when an existing file is updated

  • File Deleted

    Triggers when an existing file is deleted

  • New Folder

    Triggers when a new folder is created or uploaded

  • Folder Updated

    Triggers when an existing folder is updated

  • Folder Deleted

    Triggers when an existing folder is deleted

Common Questions

To use SharePoint Online in your workflow, you will first need to connect it with Flow. 

To do this, drag any SharePoint Online action listed under SharePoint Online service on the canvas. In case of configuring SharePoint Online triggers, double-click the Start icon on your canvas and select SharePoint Online service. Then, click on the Add New option listed under Authorize SharePoint Online field in the configuration window. 

You will be prompted with a screen where you need to fill the parameters in order to allow a set of permissions to Flow. If you don't have a tenant ID then leave it to the by default value i.e., common. Next, enter the site URL of your SharePoint Online account in the Resource URL field. Your site URL ends with .com e.g., Click ALLOW


Next, you will be prompted to login to your SharePoint Online account in case you are not already logged-in. If you have already logged-in, you'll be redirected to SharePoint Online window asking you to grant the access.


Once you click the Trust it button, SharePoint Online authorization will be added to your workflow.


Rename the authorization as per your choice and click ADD. You can now see the added authorization under the Authorize SharePoint Online field. Once added, this authorization will be available in all SharePoint Online actions and triggers.