Sendgrid Send Email

Sendgrid is a cloud-based email platform that provides email delivery and management service. Using this action, you can send an email to the recipient form your Sendgrid account. To achieve this, add this action to your canvas, and configure it. 

In order to connect to your Sendgrid account, specify your Sendgrid User and Password. In the ‘From’ field, mention the email that will appear as sender to the recipient. Fill up other important fields, such as To, Cs, Bcc, ReplyTo, Subject, and Body. In this action, you can select if you wish to insert body in text or HTML format. 


Once you have entered the required details, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will send the email to the specified recipient. 

  • output-arrow sendgrid-128 Sendgrid Send Email
    • left-triangle message string