RSS Feed

Common Questions

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed  is a web feed service that provides list of all the latest news and features of the website. Just by simply providing the RSS URL in the workflow of the service, you will get the information in a .xml file as soon as a new post hits the internet.



  • New Feed

    Triggers when a new feed is posted on the specified URL 

Common Questions

An RSS Feed is a .xml file that provides information about all the aggregations, podcasts, latest news, features, and email subscriptions of the specified website whose URL you have embedded with RSS Feed extension. 

RSS Feed URL structure

The web page's RS Feed URL is made up of three attributes, that is, full URL of the website, pageslug attribute, and ?format=rss tag

In case, you want to embed an RSS Feed to your built-in domain website, the RSS URL looks like this:

Here, replace 'mydomain' with your in-built site name.

If you have a custom domain for your website, the RSS URL looks like this:

Replace 'mydomain' with your website domain.

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