PubNub is a global data stream network (DNS) that enables real-time message streaming among web, mobile and the IoT applications. The device signalling and publish/subscribe model of PubNub supports capabilities such as WebSockets, Socket.IO, SignalR, etc.



  • Subscribe

    Triggers when a a subscriber receives a message from the publisher



  • Get Message History

    Retrieve message history of a specific channel

  • Publish Message

    Create and publish a message in a specific channel

To use PubNub in your workflow, you will first need to connect it with Flow. 

Go to your canvas, double-click on the Start icon, and select PubNub service. Then, click on the Add New option listed under the Connect to PubNub field in the configuration window. The Add Connection window prompts and you'll be asked to specify the Publish Key and Subscribe Key to establish the connection.


Log in to your PubNub admin account. On the dashboard, you'll see the list of your projects. Each project has MESSAGES, DEVICES, and KEYS associated with it. Click on the project of which keys you want to retrieve for the connection, e.g. Demo Project, as shown in the screenshot.


A keyset screen appears displaying the keys of the project. Click on the keys you want to copy.


In the Keys window, click the Copy icon located besides the respective keys and paste the keys in the Add Connection window.


Then, click the ADD button. You can now see the added authorization under the Connect to PubNub field.