Create Email Draft

What's Office 365: Office 365 refers to a group of Microsoft software and services, that lets you communicate and collaborate with your customers in an efficient manner

About ‘Create Email Draft' action: This action lets you create a new draft mail in your Office 365 account.

Authorize Office 365: Select the appropriate connection for Office 365 from the drop-down list. If you haven’t created a connection yet, select ‘Add New’ to create one.

Field data

Body Format (Mandatory): Select the body format of the draft you wish to create. Available options are 'Text' and 'HTML'. By default, the value for this field is set to 'Text'. 

Body Content (Optional): Enter the content for the draft you wish to create. 

Subject (Optional): Enter the subject of the draft. 

Attachment: This block contains the details of the file you wish to attach to the draft. 

   Source File Path (Mandatory): Enter the source path of the file saved on Flow local engine. 

   File Name (Mandatory): Provide a suitable name for the file you wish to attach.

   You can add multiple files by clicking on 'ADD' link. 

Additional Parameters (Optional): This block contains the details of the additional UI parameters that you wish to add to the existing form.

   Name (Mandatory): Enter the parameter name for which you wish to add a value.

   Value (Mandatory): Enter the value for the parameter specified in the 'Name' field.

   You can add multiple parameters by clicking on 'ADD' link.

Once you have entered the details, click on 'Done' and 'Run' the flow. This will create a new email draft in your Office 365 account.

Refer to API documentation for more information:

  • output-arrow office365 Create Email Draft
    • left-triangle id string
    • left-triangle createdDateTime string
    • left-triangle lastModifiedDateTime string
    • left-triangle changeKey string
    • left-triangle receivedDateTime string
    • left-triangle sentDateTime string
    • left-triangle hasAttachments boolean
    • left-triangle subject string
    • left-triangle body_type string
    • left-triangle message_body string
    • left-triangle bodyPreview string
    • left-triangle importance string
    • left-triangle parentFolderId string
    • left-triangle isRead boolean
    • left-triangle isDraft boolean
    • left-triangle attachments array
      • left-triangle id string
      • left-triangle lastModifiedDateTime any
      • left-triangle name any
      • left-triangle contentBytes string