Send Notification to Flow Mobile App

This activity lets you send a notification to your mobile device if you have installed the Flow mobile app. 

The current version of Flow mobile app lets you perform basic actions such as execute (pre-configured) flows, view logs, etc. With this activity, you can receive custom notifications on completion of flow execution. 

It returns a custom short message as a notification on completion of flow execution when executed via mobile app.

To use this activity, you need to add it to your flow in the web UI as the last activity of your flow. Then, enter data in the fields as per the instructions given below:

Title: Provide a suitable title for the notification.

Description: Enter a short description for the notification. 

Now, when you execute a flow (with this activity at the last) via your mobile app, it will send the specified notification to your mobile device on completion of flow execution.


  • output-arrow notification-128 Send Notification to Flow Mobile App
    • left-triangle result boolean