Send Message to Flow Mobile App

This activity lets you send a message to your Flow mobile app.

The current version of Flow mobile app lets you perform basic actions such as execute (pre-configured) flows, view logs, etc. However, there isn’t a way to get a custom message if you are executing flows from the mobile app. 

This activity lets you do just that. It lets you send a custom message (which may include the flow status or the output) to your Flow mobile app on completion of flow execution when executed via mobile app. 

To use this activity, you need to add it to your flow in the web UI as the last activity of your flow. Then, enter data in the fields as per the instructions given below:

Field data

Title: Enter the title of the message that you wish to display on the mobile app.

Body type: Specify if you wish to receive the message in text format or HTML format. By default the value for this field is set to 'Text'.

Message body: Enter the message that you wish to display on mobile app on flow execution completion.

Image URL: Enter the valid URL of an image if you wish to display an image along with the message.


Now, when you execute a flow (with this activity at the last) via your mobile app, it will send the specified message to your mobile app. 


Let's take a look at an example to understand it better. 

Suppose you we have created a flow that searches for the Wikipedia page of the specified string using ' WIKI page search' activity. In order to send a flow completion message on your mobile, you need to add 'Send mobile message' activity to your flow and connect the activities as shown below.

Configure both the activities and click on 'Done'. This will take you back to canvas. 

Now, run this flow on your mobile app. This will return the result of the 'WIKI page search' activity along with the message on your mobile application. The message details can be viewed in the ‘Messages’ screen of your mobile app.

  • output-arrow notification-128 Send Message to Flow Mobile App
    • left-triangle sent boolean