Get Addresses

Lob offers a cloud-printing API that enables users to automate the printing and mailing of documents, pictures, and more. This action retrieves the list of all addresses saved in your Lob account. To achieve this, add this action to your canvas. Select the appropriate connection for Lob. If you haven’t created a connection, select ‘Add new’ to create one. 

You can specify the number of address you wish to retrieve in the ‘Count’ field. It defaults to 10; maximum is 100. Once you enter the count, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will return the list of addresses sorted by creation date, with most recent appearing first.


  • output-arrow lob-128 Get Addresses
    • left-triangle data array
      • left-triangle id string
      • left-triangle description any
      • left-triangle name string
      • left-triangle company any
      • left-triangle phone any
      • left-triangle email any
      • left-triangle address_line1 string
      • left-triangle address_line2 any
      • left-triangle address_city any
      • left-triangle address_state any
      • left-triangle address_zip any
      • left-triangle address_country any
      • left-triangle date_created string
      • left-triangle date_modified string
      • left-triangle object string