Get Sessions

What's Hubb: Hubb is an online event management system that lets you create and manage events and collaborate with your customers efficiently.

About ‘Get Sessions' action: This action lets you retrieve all sessions of the specified event of your Hubb account. 

Authorize Hubb: Select the appropriate authorization for Hubb from the drop-down list. If you haven’t created an authorization yet, select ‘Add New’ to create one.

Field data

Event ID (Mandatory): Select/specify the ID of the event of which sessions you wish to retrieve. 

Once you have entered the details, click on 'Done' and 'Run' the workflow. This will retrieve all sessions of the specified event of your Hubb account. 

Refer to API documentation for more information:!/Sessions/Sessions_PostByVersionAndEventidAndNewsession

  • output-arrow hubb-event-management-128 Get Sessions
    • left-triangle sessions array
      • left-triangle Id number
      • left-triangle Title string
      • left-triangle Description string
      • left-triangle Mandatory boolean
      • left-triangle Enabled boolean
      • left-triangle CanBeEvaluated any
      • left-triangle VideoLink
      • left-triangle Code string
      • left-triangle TrackId number
      • left-triangle TimeSlotId any
      • left-triangle RoomId any
      • left-triangle DeckLink any
      • left-triangle IsFeatured boolean
      • left-triangle SessionTypeId number
      • left-triangle VisibleToAnonymousUsers boolean
      • left-triangle VisibleInSessionLis ting boolean
      • left-triangle Status string
      • left-triangle LastModifiedDate string
      • left-triangle EventTime string
      • left-triangle Links any
      • left-triangle YammerFeedId any
      • left-triangle SpeakerOrder array
      • left-triangle LastModifiedById number
      • left-triangle AttendeeCount number
      • left-triangle IsSessionComplete numbe r
      • left-triangle SessionType any
      • left-triangle Room any
      • left-triangle TimeSlot any
      • left-triangle Track any
      • left-triangle Speakers array
      • left-triangle PropertyValues array