Common Questions

HelloSign lets you create, sign and send legally binding documents for signing to other stakeholders via email. This ensures a paperless and quick document signing process. 



  • New Signature Request Sent

    Triggers when a new signature request is sent



  • Create Embedded Template Draft

    Create an embedded template draft 

  • Get Templates

    Retrieve one or more templates 

  • Send Signature Request

    Send a signature request to one or more recipients

  • Send Signature Request With Template

    Send a signature request to one or more recipients along with template(s)

Common Questions

To use HelloSign in your flow, you will first need to connect HelloSign to Built.io Flow Enterprise. 

To do this, drag any HelloSign action listed under HelloSign service on the canvas and click on ‘Add New’ option listed under ‘Connect to HelloSign’ field in the configuration window. A new window will appear where you can either enter the ‘Email ID’ and ‘Password’ or ‘Application API Key’ for your HelloSign account. 


To retrieve the ‘Application API key for your ‘HelloSign’ account, login to your ‘HelloSign’ account and click on the ‘Integrations’ tab given on the left side panel. 


Click on the ‘API’ tab in the ‘HelloSign’ settings window that appears. You will see an ‘API Settings’ window. Click on the ‘REVEAL KEY’ button to retrieve the application API key. 


Copy the API key that appears. You can also create a new API key by clicking on ‘RENEW KEY’ button. 


Once you have entered the ‘Email ID and Password or Application API Key’ for your HelloSign account, click on ‘ADD’ button. 

You can now see the added connection under ‘Connect to HelloSign’ field. Once added, this connection will be available in all HelloSign actions and triggers.