Get Activity Stat

Fitbit provides fitness tracking devices and other wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. This action retrieves the user’s lifetime action statistics. The response includes Lifetime and Best achievement values from the ‘My Achievement’ section on the website dashboard. To achieve this, select the appropriate access token for Fitbit. If you haven’t created any access token, select ‘Add New’ to create one. 

In the ‘User ID’ field, enter the encoded ID of the user you wish to get the action statistics of. For current logged-in user, simply enter “-” in the given field. Once you enter the ID, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will return the specified user’s lifetime action statistics. 


  • output-arrow fitbit-128 Get Activity Stat
    • left-triangle lifetime object
      • left-triangle total object
      • left-triangle tracker object