Common Questions

Firebase is a scalable cloud-based NoSQL database that syncs and stores data—both client-side and server-side. It provides flexible development for mobile, web, and server environment using cloud platform integration.



  • Firestore Update Record

    Update the record in the specified project

Common Questions

To use Firebase in your workflow, you'll first need to create a project in your Firebase account. Go to the Firebase console portal, where it automatically fetches your Google account credentials and creates an account for you. Click on the + Add project tab. A new window opens asking for the details of the project that you want to create.


Enter the project name, accept the terms, and click on the Create project button. You’ll be redirected to the Project Overview dashboard. Click on the settings icon on left hand-side navigation panel. Go to Project settings and click Service accounts to manage the services.


On the Firebase Admin SDK window, click the Generate new private key button. You’ll see a file downloading in your system in JSON format. On opening the file, you can see the data values that you can use as an input for the action fields. Also, you can see the database URL on the same web page which you can use as an input to the Database URL field in the action.


Use these values as an input to their respective fields. Click on the TEST button to test the action. If you don’t want to test, click SKIP and then click on DONE and run the workflow.