Event Published

Eventbrite is a global marketplace for finding and creating new events. Any event within Eventbrite can be set as a trigger for your workflow. Now whenever the specified event happens, the associated workflow will run automatically. 

To set any Eventbrite event as trigger, you first need to switch on the trigger toggle button located near the ‘Start’ icon in your workflow. Then, from the list of triggers under ‘All Triggers’ on the right, drag and drop Eventbrite in to the given box. 

Once you are done with this, select any event of your choice that you wish to set as trigger from the ‘Select Trigger’ dropdown options. Let us have a look at the various Eventbrite events that you can set as triggers.

Event Published: You can set ‘publish event’ action in your Eventbrite account as a trigger for your workflow. If this is set as a trigger, the associated workflow would be triggered automatically every time you publish a new event in your Eventbrite account. To set ‘Event Published’ as a trigger, you first need to select the appropriate access token for Eventbrite. If you wish to set trigger only when specific event is publish, you can specify the ID of that event in the ‘Event ID’ field (optional field). Click on ‘Save’, and then ‘Done’ to return to your workflow. 


Once you have entered all the details, 'Save' them and click on 'Done'. This will take you back to canvas.