Enterprise Connector

The Enterprise Connector action lets you execute various functions in your on-premise databases or applications that are normally inaccessible due to firewall restrictions. However, before using this action, it is important to ensure that you have set up and started Enterprise Gateway for your Built.io Flow account. Read Enterprise Gateway docs for more info.

To use this action, add it to your canvas, and configure it. Select the agent that you had created while setting up Enterprise Gateway. This establishes a connection with the gateway, and in turn, with your secure server. 

From the options listed under ‘Plugins’, select a plugin of your choice. Then, according to the selected plugin, enter the function that you want to execute in the ‘Action’ field. For example, if you select MySQL plugin, you can use ‘getCount’ or ‘select’ in ‘Action’. 

To add conditions or arguments for your function, click ‘+Add’ under ‘Arguments’. You will need to use a different argument field for every condition/argument of the function. 


Once you enter the required details, click ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will execute the specified command in your secured database or app.

  • output-arrow enterprise-connector-128 Enterprise Connector
    • left-triangle response_id string
    • left-triangle error error
    • left-triangle data object