Get Dweet History is a service that helps you connect to devices. These devices—such as sensors, machines, robots, gadgets, and other devices—are called things in’s terms. ‘Dweeting’ means sending data to the cloud from a device using the API. Using this action, you can retrieve the list of all the dweets saved for a particular thing. 

To do this, add this action to your canvas, and configure it. In the ‘Thing’ field, specify the unique name of the thing (or device). If the thing is locked, you need to specify the key of the locked thing in the ‘Key’ field. 


Once you have entered all the details, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will return the list of all the dweets of the specified thing.

  • output-arrow dweet-io-128 Get Dweet History
    • left-triangle this string
    • left-triangle by string
    • left-triangle the string
    • left-triangle with array
      • left-triangle thing string
      • left-triangle created string
      • left-triangle content object