This action lets you access the APIs and make API calls to any service of which the APIs are built using RAML. In other words, this action lets you create a custom action form by simply entering the RAML file location and dependencies. To achieve this, add this to your canvas, and configure it. 

Under ‘Select RAML file’, in the first field, enter the URL of the zip file that contains the root RAML file as well as all the dependencies. In the next field, specify the name of the root RAML file (with ‘.raml’ extension). 

URL of the root RAML file of the service you wish to get the APIs of. For example, http://apidocs.builtapp.io/raml/root.raml. You also need to enter the URLs of the dependencies, if any, of the service in the next field. 


Click the ‘Fetch’ link to get the list of API of the specified service. The APIs will then be available under the ‘Select an API’ field. Select the one that you wish to execute. 


Once you select an API, the request API form will automatically populate under ‘Request API form’. The form displays all the mandatory as well as optional fields of the API call.


Enter relevant data in the fields, and click ‘Done’ to return to your canvas. Now, when you execute the workflow with this action, the selected API call will be executed.

  • output-arrow raml RAML
    • left-triangle text string
    • left-triangle headers object
    • left-triangle status number