The ‘Logger’ action lets you view the output (maximum 5 KB) of the preceding action or a workflow in console logs. In case the output exceeds 5 KB, Logger will truncate it and will only show the first 5 KB as an output in the console log. Let’s understand how it works with the help of an example. We will translate a word from English to French using Bing Translate Text, and view its output in logs with the help of Logger action.

To achieve this, add Bing Translate Text and Logger actions to our canvas and connect them in the order shown below. 


Configure Bing Translate activity as shown below:


Then, In Logger settings, add ‘undefined’ in the ‘Log 1’ field. You can also add the entire object of the previous activity ‘undefined’ in this field. 


Now, run the action, and click on ‘View Logs’ link located at the bottom of the page. You will notice a new tab ‘Console Log’ in the logs section. This tab contains the output of our sample workflow. 


Likewise, you can use this action to get an instant view of the output of any workflow. 

  • output-arrow logger Logger
    • left-triangle logs array