Cisco Webex Teams

Common Questions

Cisco Webex Teams is a team collaboration and communication service for enterprises. It lets you create teams and spaces and send, retrieve and delete messages from spaces. 



  • New Message

    Triggers when a new message is posted 

  • New Direct Message

    Triggers when a new direct messaged is posted

  • Delete Message

    Triggers when a message is deleted

  • New Membership

    Triggers when a new membership is created

  • Update Membership

    Triggers when an existing membership is updated

  • Delete Membership

    Triggers when a membership is deleted

  • New Space

    Triggers when a new space is created



  • Create Membership

    Add a new member in the specified space

  • Create New Space

    Create a new space

  • Create Team

    Create a new team

  • Delete Membership

    Delete the specified member

  • Delete Message

    Delete the specified message

  • Delete Space

    Delete the specified space

  • Delete Team

    Delete the specified team

  • Download Attachments

    Download the specified attachment

  • Get Message

    Retrieve the specified message

  • Get Person Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified user

  • Get Space Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified space

  • Get Space Messages

    Retrieve some or all messges from the specified space

  • Get Space

    Retrieve some or all space

  • Get Team Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified team

  • List Memberships

    Retrieve some or all memberships 

  • List People

    Retrieve the list of some or all people

  • List Teams

    Retrieve the list of some or all teams

  • Post New Message

    Post a message to the specified space or to the specified person

  • Send Private Message

    Send a direct message to the specified person

  • Update Team

    Update the name of the specified team

Common Questions

To use Cisco Webex Teams in your workflow, you will first need to connect Cisco Webex Teams to Flow Enterprise. 

To do this, drag any Cisco Webex Teams action listed under Cisco Webex Teams service on the canvas and click on ‘Add New’ option listed under ‘Authorize Cisco Webex Teams Admin’ field in the configuration window. You will be prompted to authorize Flow to access your Cisco Webex Teams account.


Click on ‘Allow’. After this, you will be prompted to login to your Cisco Webex Teams account. Once are logged in, you will be taken back to canvas. 


Rename the authorization as per your choice and click on ‘Add’ link. You can now see the added authorization under ‘Authorize Cisco Webex Teams’ field. Once added, this authorization will be available in all Cisco Webex Teams actions and triggers.