Create Product Subscription

Chargify is an online platform that streamlines subscription management and recurring billing for enterprises. This action lets you create a product subscription for a customer. This is responsible for billing and charging a particular customer at recurring intervals. To achieve this, add this account to your canvas and configure it. Select the required connection for Chargify. If you haven’t created any connections, select ‘Add new’ to create one. 

Enter the ID or handle of the product you wish to create the subscription for. Then, choose if you want to create a subscription for an existing customer or a new customer. 

If you select ‘Create a New Customer’, enter the customer’s details (billing address) and credit card details. If you select ‘Choose an Existing Customer’, enter the customer’s ID or reference. If a payment method has already been added for the existing customer, then enter the customer’s payment profile ID. Alternatively, you can add a new credit card entry. 

Once you enter these details, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will create a new product subscription for the specified customer.  

Create Product Subscription.png

  • output-arrow chargify Create Product Subscription
    • left-triangle subscription object
      • left-triangle id number
      • left-triangle activated_at any
      • left-triangle created_at string
      • left-triangle updated_at string
      • left-triangle balance_in_cents number
      • left-triangle payment_collection_method string
      • left-triangle previous_state string
      • left-triangle signup_payment_id number
      • left-triangle signup_revenue number
      • left-triangle total_revenue_in_cents number
      • left-triangle product_price_in_cents number
      • left-triangle product_version_number number
      • left-triangle payment_type string
      • left-triangle coupon_code string
      • left-triangle customer object
      • left-triangle product object
      • left-triangle credit_card object