Built.io Contentstack

Common Questions

Built.io Contentstack is a headless content management system by Built.io. It is designed to simplify the process of publication by separating code from content.



  • Publish Entry

    Triggers when a new entry is published

  • Unpublish Entry

    Triggers when an existing entry is unpublished

  • New Entry

    Triggers when a new entry is created

  • Update Entry

    Triggers when an existing entry is updated

  • Delete Entry

    Triggers when an existing entry is deleted



  • Create Entry

    Create a new entry in the specified content type

  • Delete Entry

    Delete the specified entry

  • Get Entries

    Retrieve the list of all entries of the specified content type

  • Get Entry

    Retrieve the details of the specified entry

  • Publish/Unpublish Entry

    Publish or unpublish the specified entry from a specific environment

  • Update Entry

    Update the specified entry

Common Questions

To use Built.io Contentstack in your flow, you will first need to connect Built.io Contentstack to Built.io Flow Enterprise. 

To do this, drag any Built.io Contentstack action listed under Built.io Contentstack service on the canvas and click on ‘Add New’ option listed under Connect to Built.io Contentstack' field in the configuration window. You will be redirected to a connection window where you can create a new connection using either 'Login Credentials' or 'Auth Token' for your Built.io Contentstack account. 


If you select the 'Login' option, you would need to enter the following details: 

Email Address: Enter the 'Email ID' of your Built.io Contentstack account. 

Password: Enter the password for the specified email ID. 


If you select the 'AuthToken' option, you would need to enter the following details:

Auth Token: Enter the auth token for your Built.io Contentstack account. Click here to know how to retrieve the auth token. 


You can optionally rename the connection name in the 'Connection Label' field. 

Once you have entered these details, click on the 'ADD' button. Your entered credentials will be automatically verified and on successful verification, a new connection will be added under ‘Connect to Built.io Contentstack' field. Once added, this connection will be available in all Built.io Contentstack actions and triggers.

1. After logging in to your Built.io Contentstack account, select the 'Stack' to see the list of content types created under it. 


2. Hover on the name of the Content Type of which 'Field Unique ID' you wish to retrieve, and click on the vertical ellipsis icon given against the name, on the right hand side. 


3. Select the 'Edit Content Type' option from the list of options that appear. This will redirect you to a new window where you can edit the settings for the specified content type. 


4. Click on the 'Name' of the field of which unique ID you wish to retrieve. A new window will appear where you can find the unique ID along with other properties for the selected field. 


You can optionally edit the 'Unique ID' as per your requirements.