New Todo Item

Basecamp 2 is a web-based project management and collaboration tool. Any event within Basecamp 2 can be set as a trigger for your workflow. Whenever the specified event happens, the associated workflow will run automatically. 

To set any Basecamp 2 event as trigger, you first need to either double click on the 'Start' button or click on the 'Settings' icon by hovering over the 'Start' icon on the canvas. Select 'Basecamp 2' service form the 'Trigger' window.  Basecamp 2 Trigger window will appear as shown in the following figure:


New Todo item: When you set ‘New Todo Item’ as trigger, Flow will run the associated workflow automatically whenever a new project is created in your Basecamp 2 account. To set this as trigger, select the appropriate access token for Basecamp 2. Select 'New Todo Item' from the dropdown menu in the 'Select Trigger' field for which you want to set a trigger. Then, provide your Basecamp 2 account ID and a suitable name for this trigger. Once you enter these details, click 'Save', test the trigger, and click on ‘Done’ to return your workflow canvas. In case, if you don't want to test the trigger, click the 'Skip' button. Flow will use a mock data to configure the workflow which you can see in the 'Trigger output data' window. Click on 'Done'. Now, whenever a new todo item is created in your Basecamp 2 account, the workflow will run automatically.