Command Line Interface

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of cloud services offered by Amazon. AWS provides Command Line Interface, which is a unified tool to manage all AWS services. This tools lets you control multiple services and automate them through various commands. You can find the list of all AWS commands and services here Flow provides a simple activity to run AWS commands and manage all your active AWS services. To use this service, add AWS Command Line Interface activity to your canvas, and configure it. Select the appropriate connection for AWS. If you haven’t created a connection, select ‘Add new’ to create one.

In the ‘Command’ field, enter your AWS command. Here’s an example to understand how to use it. Let’s say, in EC2, you wish to delete an existing snapshot. The syntax for this will be:

AWS <service-name> <command-name> <attribute>

Here, ‘service-name’ is EC2, ‘command-name’ is delete-snapshot, and ‘attribute’ is the ID of the snapshot that you wish to delete.    

Let us now insert the value to see how the actual command looks:

AWS EC2 delete-snapshot snap-1234abcd

Insert this command in the ‘Command’ field of the activity, click ‘Done’ and run the flow. This will run the specified command in AWS and perform the specified task. You can view the complete list of all AWS commands listed service-wise here


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