Amazon Web Service



Autoscaling Limit Notifier

Get notifications about changes in Autoscaling group

Command Line Interface

Manage all AWS services through various commands

EBS Get Unused Volumes

This activity lets you ec2 get unused volumes

EC2 Attach EBS Volume

Attach an EBS volume to an EC2 instance

EC2 Copy Image

Copy an existing Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to another location (region)

EC2 Create EBS volume

Create a new EBS volume

EC2 Create KeyPair

Create a new 2048-bit RSA key pair

EC2 Create Security Group

Create a new security group

EC2 Delete EBS Volume

Delete an existing EBS volume

EC2 Delete KeyPair

Delete an existing key pair from EC2

EC2 Delete Security Group

EC2 Delete Security Group

EC2 Delete Tags From Resources

Delete tags assigned to existing EC2 resources

EC2 Detach EBS Volume

Detach an EBS volume from an EC2 instance

EC2 Get InstanceType Count

Get the count of instance type available for a region

EC2 Get List of KeyPairs

get list of all key pairs created for a particular region

EC2 Get List of Tags

Get list of tags created for instances of a particular region

EC2 Get Unused Security Groups

get the list of all the security groups that are created but not being used

EC2 Retrieve Security Group

Get more details about an existing EC2 security group

EC2 Start Instances

Start an one or more EBS-backed EC2 instances

EC2 Start Instances by TagName

Start one or more EC2 instances by tag name

EC2 Stop Instances

Stop one or more EC2 instances

EC2 Stop Instances by TagName

Stop one or more EC2 instances by tag names

EC2 Tag Resources

Manage and organize EC2 resources by tagging them

EC2 Terminate Instances

Terminate an existing EC2 instance

Get Unused Elastic IPs

Get list of Elastic Load Balancers (LB) that are not registered with any EC2 instances

Get Unused Elastic LB

Get list of all unused Elastic IPs

S3 Create Bucket

Create a new bucket in your S3 account

S3 Delete Bucket

Delete an existing bucket from your account

S3 Delete Objects

Delete one or more objects from a bucket

S3 Get Bucket Location (Region)

Fetch the location of an existing bucket

S3 Get List of Buckets

Get list of all existing buckets

S3 Get List of Objects

Get list of all objects of a particular bucket

S3 Get List of Objects by Extension

Get list of all objects of a specific extension

S3 Get Signed URL

Get signed URL of a particular object

S3 Upload File

Upload a file or object to any bucket in S3

SES Get Daily Send Limit

Get the maximum number of emails that can be sent in a day

SES Get List of Identities

Get list of identities (domains and email addresses) of an SES account

SES Send Email

Compose and send a new email

SES Verify identity

Verify your identity to AWS SES