Get Summary of Shares

AddThis is a social bookmarking service that allows you to share, bookmark, print, and translate pages. This action allows you to retrieve the summary of shares of your content. To achieve this, add this action to your canvas and configure it. Select the appropriate connection for AddThis. If you haven’t created a connection, select ‘Add New’ to create one. 

In the ‘Pub ID’ field, specify the ID of the publishing profile you wish to get the shares summary of. Then, select the time period for which you want to get the summary. Once you have entered these details, click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow. This will return the summary of shares of your content. 


  • output-arrow addthis-128 Get Summary of Shares
    • left-triangle shares object
      • left-triangle daySummary array
      • left-triangle urlSummary array
      • left-triangle domainSummary array
      • left-triangle serviceSummary array
      • left-triangle interestSummary array
      • left-triangle continentSummary array
      • left-triangle countrySummary array