Post new Marketo lead details to Cisco Webex Teams space

  1. Set up Marketo ‘New Lead’ trigger

    This workflow fetches the details of any new lead created in Marketo, and sends the name of the lead to a space in Cisco Webex Teams.

    To set up this workflow, you will need to use the following:

    1.  Marketo ‘New Lead in List’ trigger

    2. Cisco Webex Teams ‘Post New Message’ action

    Hover on the 'Start' icon, and click on the 'Settings' icon. Select 'Marketo' from the list of triggers that appear. Enter value in the fields as per the instructions given below. 

    Connect to Marketo: Select a connection from the drop-down list or create a new connection by clicking on the 'Add New' link. Click here to know how to create a new connection.

    Select Trigger: Select ‘New Lead in List’ from the options available in the drop-down list. This instructs the workflow to trigger whenever a new lead is created in a particular list your Marketo account.

    List ID: Select/specify the ID of the list for which you want to set a trigger.


    Once you have entered all the details, save the trigger. After this, you will be directed to the 'Test Trigger' window, where you can check whether the trigger has been configured properly.


    Now, click on 'Done' to return back to the canvas.

  2. Add and configure Cisco Webex Teams 'Post New Message' action

    Add Cisco Webex Teams 'Post New Message' action to the canvas. Connect this action with the 'Start' icon (which now displays 'Marketo' icon), and configure it.

    On the configuration page, you will notice a few fields. Enter the value in the fields as per the instructions given below.

    Authorize Cisco Webex Teams: In order to use this action, you need to first create an authorization for Cisco Webex Teams. If you have already created an authorization, select it from the drop-down options. Else, select 'Add New' to create one.

    Space ID: Select/specify the name/ID of the space to which you want to post the message.

    Message: Specify the message that you wish to send to the space. In this case, we will enter a custom message, along with the output of Marketo trigger, under 'Trigger Data New Lead in List' given in the right-hand side of the configuration window.


    Once you have entered all the details, click on 'Next'. You will be redirected to the 'Test Action' window. Click on 'Test' to the test the action or click 'Skip'.

    After this, click on "Done' to return to canvas and connect this action to the 'Stop' icon and save the workflow.

    Now, whenever a new lead is created in the specified list in Marketo, this workflow will send the lead name to the specified Cisco Webex Teams space.