How to Remove Authorizations

The authorizations added to your Flow account can be removed from the 'Project' they are being used in. The steps to delete an authorization are given below:

Step 1. Log In

Log in to your Flow account and navigate to the project to delete the authorizations and connections used in it. Next, click on the 'Configuration' tab. You will be redirected to the project configurations screen. Click on 'Authorizations' to see all the authorizations used in the project. 

How To Authorization.JPG

Step 2: Configure settings for deleting an authorization

Locate the service of which authorization you want to delete. You will see a list of all authorizations along with the workflow name in which they are being used. Click on the drop down icon given beside the authorization you want to delete.

3-edit-delete auth.png

You will see three options: 'Test', 'Edit', and 'Delete'. Click on the 'Delete' icon to delete the authorization. 

In case the authorization that you are trying to delete is being used in any workflow(s), you will need to remove it from the workflow(s) first before being able to delete it. In such a case, Flow will notify you about the workflow(s) in which it is being used. You will then need to navigate to those workflows and remove the authorization.


Once you have made changes in the workflow, and saved it, the specified authorization will be automatically deleted from your Flow account permanently.