How to get data from action and push it to another

The output of the first action can be used as an input for another action by using the keys given in the right-hand side of the configuration window. Let’s see it in action.

In this example workflow, we will fetch the details of a particular campaign from your Marketo account, and use these details to create a new campaign in your Salesforce account.

Step 1 - Add actions

To do this, add ‘Marketo — Get Campaign Details’ and ‘Salesforce — Create Campaign’ to your Flow canvas, and connect them in the order shown below.


Step 2 - Use output

Configure the ‘Marketo — Get Campaign Details’ action, and select the appropriate connection for Marketo. Then, select/specify the ID of the campaign that you want to fetch in the ‘Campaign ID’ field.

Click ‘Next’, and test the action by clicking on the ‘Test’ button. This serves two purpose: First it checks whether the action has been configured properly or not, and second it fetches the details of the latest campaign, and displays it in the ‘Output’ tab.


Click on ‘Done’ to return back to the canvas.

Next, configure the ‘Salesforce — Create Campaign’ action. Select the appropriate authorization for Salesforce. 

Now, you will see the data of the ‘Marketo — Get Campaign Details’ action under the ‘Get Campaign Details’ output, given on the right-hand side of the configuration window. You can see the actual values of the action against the keys, and also the data type of values.


Step 3 - Similar instances

Similarly, you can add other details of the campaign, such as type and start date.


Once you are done with this, click ‘Next’, and test your action using the ‘Test’ button located at the bottom of the dialog box. This will create a campaign in the authorized Salesforce account.

You can also directly click on ‘Done’ and run the workflow if you do not want to test it. Flow will then automatically fetch the details of the specified Marketo campaign and, using these details, create a new Salesforce campaign.