How to add rows to an existing Smartsheet

You can add rows to an existing Smartsheet by using  'Smartsheet - Add Rows' action. Follow the steps given below to achieve this.

Step 1 - Use Add Rows action

Add the 'Smartsheet - Add Rows' action to canvas and configure it. Enter details in the fields as per the instructions given below:

Smartsheet access token: Select the Smartsheet access token from the drop-down list. If you have not created an access token yet, click on 'Add new' to create one.

Sheet ID: Select/specify the ID of the sheet in which you want to add rows.

Row Location (Mandatory): Select the location where you want to add a row from the options given under the drop-down list. If you select 'Child of Parent' option, you have to enter the 'Parent ID', and if you select 'Sibling', you have to enter the 'Sibling ID'.

'Child of Parent' adds a new row as a child of the specified row and 'Sibling' adds a new row at the same hierarchical level of the specified row.

Row Position: Select the position of the row you want to add.

You can add multiple rows and columns by clicking on the 'ADD' link. 


Once you are done configuring, click ‘Next’.

Step 2 - Save and test the workflow

In the new window that appears, click on the ‘Test’ button located at the bottom of the dialog box. By clicking on the ‘Test’ button, it checks whether the action has been configured properly, and also adds the new rows to the specified sheet. The test results can be seen in the ‘Output’ tab as shown in the image below:


Click ‘Done’ to return back to the canvas. Now, ‘Save’ and run the workflow. This will add a new row (along with the value, if any) at the specified location. Please note that to see the reflected changes, you will need to refresh the sheet in Smartsheet.