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How to pass JSON data using HTTP Request action

You can post large JSON data to any URL using HTTP Request action

How to access headers and data sent via webhook call

You can access the headers, queries and data sent via webhook in your workflow

How to use Inline Expression in Flow Enterprise

You can use Inline Expression to add custom logic to your inputs

How to use Oauth in custom actions

You can use oauth exposed by Flow Enterprise in your custom actions

How to post data to Flow Enterprise via WebHook

trello gmail

POSTing data to Flow Enterprise via WebHook is quite easy. You can set parameters (key value pairs) through the WebHook URL directly. Alternatively, you can pass a large set of data in the body of the post call. This posted data can be accessed by using {{$config.params}} inside the actions.

How to read the contents of a downloaded file

google-drive dropbox

When you download any file using Google Drive, Dropbox or other such actions, it is saved temporarily in the Flow Enterprise engine local storage. In order to read/access this file, you need to use other online file storage applications where this file can be uploaded.

How to get data from action and push it to another

The output of first action can be used as an input for another by using the ‘Insert’ button. Let’s see it in action.

How to get value from a JSON string

If you wish to parse JSON string to make an object, you can do it easily using the Node.JS action or the JSON parse action.

How to send large data to a flow

You can pass large data to flow via Webhooks. Let us understand how to do this with the help of an example. Let’s say you wish to fetch a large set of data in body of an email and send it to a recipient via ‘Google Mail: Send Email’ action.

How to add rows to an existing Smartsheet


You can add rows to an existing Smartsheet by using 'Smartsheet - Add row' activity.

How to use Alexa with Flow Enterprise

You can automate various tasks by integrating Alexa with Flow Enterprise.

How to set up conditions between two actions Flow Enterprise allows you to set conditions between two actions to action of your flow. Using this functionality, you can define one ore more custom conditions between two actions.

How to use Egnyte with Flow Enterprise

You can use Egnytet to automate numerous tasks by integrating it with Flow Enterprise.

How to retrieve specific objects from an array

You can retrieve specific objects from an array as per your requirements

How to upload a file with HTTP Request - POST method

You can upload a file on the specified server with HTTP POST method

How to use scripting API to generate Tropo API keys

You can create Cisco Tropo API keys for your applications

How to share a flow

You can share existing flows with other users

How to edit or delete a trigger

You can edit or delete an existing trigger

How to retrieve 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret' of your Jive account

You can retrieve authentication details of your Jive account

How to retrieve the value of a custom field

You can retrieve the value of a custom field

How to use Loops

You can use loops to execute a set of actions repeatedly.

How to Use Dot Notation to Access Information in a JSON Object

You can use dot notation to retrieve the values of a JSON object

How to use flow templates from Library

You can use existing flow templates from library.

How to call a flow from another flow using ‘Run Flow’ action

You can call one flow from another flow by using Run Flow action

How to Remove Authorizations and Connections

You can remove authorizations and connections from your Flow Enterprise account

How to use a regex pattern in the Mapper action’s 'replace' function

You can use regex pattern in Mapper replace function

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