Workflow Settings

Every single workflow has its own ‘Settings’ panel. From here, you can manage important settings of your workflow. Let’s look at the various sections of the Settings Panel in detail.


Under Connected Accounts, you will see a list of all the authorizations being used for this specific workflow.

Under each authorization, you will see the name of actions that are currently using this authorization. Deleting an authorization from here does not delete the authorization from Globals. Learn more about Authorizations.



The ‘PARAMETERS’ section displays the list of all parameters that are being used for this workflow. You can create a new parameter or update an existing one directly from this section. Read more about parameters here.

Execution Settings

From here, you can change some important settings related to the execution of your workflow. The ‘Live Visualization’ toggle button lets you enable/disable live visualization for your workflow. If this is enabled, you will see real-time execution indicators on your canvas, whenever the workflow is executed. This helps you track the progress of your workflow in real time.

You can execute the workflow manually by using the ‘Play' link located on the top right-hand side corner of the canvas or else you can execute the workflow via a trigger or webhook. Flow supports incoming webhooks. Webhook helps you listen to the events of any external third-party services. When the defined event occurs, the external service sends data to the given webhook URL, which triggers the workflow automatically using the payload passed in the URL. You can learn more on how to use webhooks in the ‘Webhook’ section of our documentation.